ZIC GFT 75W-90


ZIC GFT 75W-90

ZIC GFT 75W-90

ZIC GFT 75W-90 is a transmission oil for mechanical gearboxes and drive axles.

ZIC GFT 75W-90 is manufactured based on polyalphaolefin (PAO). For axles and mechanical transmissions requiring 75W-90 or 80W-90 viscosity and GL-4 or GL-5 category with no additional requirements from manufacturer.


API GL-4/GL-5 MT-1


1, 4, 20, 200 liters
How we help your transmission
Unrivaled protection of transmission parts
High oxidation stability preventing from sludge forming destroying polymeric sealing
Reliably no transmission malfunctions, noises or vibration during operation even at the deepest frost
API class GL-4/5
Density at 15°C, g/sm3 0,8537
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm2/s 73,51
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s 14,25
Viscosity index 203
Flash point, °С 230
Lowest float temperature, °С -45,0
Acid index, mg КОН/g 0,8
Copper corrosion effect at 100°С/h, point 1-а
The typical properties are for reference only. Properties may vary with normal production tolerance, which does not affect product performance.